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PostSubject: CREATING A TEAM   Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:16 pm

What you need to know...

Teams and Alliances are groups of characters who work together in-game to accomplish a desired purpose within the in-game world. Before a team can be added they must 1st be formed via in-game, character interactions. Teams are structured groups of characters that focus on accomplishing a specific goal. Such as murdering a hero, taking over the city, mass terrorism, etc. Alliances however can include Multiple teams who work together to reach a common goal. Alliances do not always have to be permanent.

This guide will focus on significantly larger roleplay situations and the formations of teams. Most will agree that roleplaying in a group of several people is much more fun than roleplaying in a small group of 1-2 people. This is because of the volatility of the roleplay. Since characters create the story, the more characters that exist in one story, the more volatile the situation will be.

Your characters will have opinions about other teams as well. Your character may hate a certain team with a fiery passion, but have a kindly attitude towards a different team who have similar goals. By joining a team, your character will be greatly changed in his or her interaction with the group, and may even be forced to change their opinions as a result! So let's take a look at the formation of roleplaying teams and alliances.

It is important to note that there is a major difference between 'Teams' and 'Alliances'. Roleplaying teams focus on many roleplays at a time. Trying to increase the depth and standing of their member characters in-game, but will perhaps chase one ultimate goal. While alliances are formed outside of team borders, and welcome roleplayers of all guilds to join in on the fun. For this reason, event scenarios will be much more interesting with a 'Alliance' in most cases, while a 'Team' is much more suited to military type operation, in part due to the uniformity of a group and to the ease of long-distance OOC communication through Team Chat.

In order to go public with your team and start bringing in and retaining members, you should host a roleplay that focuses on the creation of the group, as well as advertise in the "TEAMS AND ALLIANCES" board, which is a given. What you're really looking for is a way to get the other teams on the forum involved in your teams activities through engaging multi-team roleplays.
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