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Its 2145 already! About time we had our very own superheroes to watch our back! -Daily Globe Article
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 Rainmaker OC

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PostSubject: Rainmaker OC   Thu Feb 20, 2014 7:00 am


Faora Crowley
Alias(es): Rainmaker
Identity Status: Secret
Gender: F
Age: 24
Birth-Date: April 7
Place of Birth: Green City
Base Location: Capitol City
Occupational Status: N/A
Nationality/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Alignment: Independent
Affiliation(s): N/A
Powers & Abilities
Transformation – Faora transforms into the embodiment of nature’s mood.  The transformation is triggered when she holds her ring bearing hand to the sky and shouts a magic word.  A small whirlwind spins up around her and lightning strikes down into the funnel.  Upon emerging, she is Rainmaker.

Weather Manipulation – Rainmaker can generate far more weather conditions than just rain.  She can produce mist/fog, thunderstorms, use herself as a lightning rod to channel and direct bolts, whip up gale force winds and tornados, produce freezing ice storms and blizzards, create droughts, and even cause the Earth to tremble a bit.  It’s been suggested that she can even influence more cataclysmic level patterns such as erupting volcanoes and cobbling together full hurricanes but this hasn’t been tested and would likely take great amounts of energy to do.

Elemental Mimicry – Rainmaker can personally mimic most of the elements, becoming personifications of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.  She can also become hybrids and specials cases; specifically molten rock, lightning, ice, soot, smoke, sand, etcetera.  She can only be one thing at a time, however.

Transformation – Like her sister’s transformation into Prima, Faora can only maintain the Rainmaker form for a time.  While idle, the transformation only generally lasts for seven hours, which is significantly less time than her sister, possibly because Rainmaker is (in theory) more outwardly powerful and diverse.  Faora’s charge is typically marked by fatigue; something that Prima is immune to thanks to her physiology.  Rainmaker’s charge seems to be based on the lightning bolt that strikes her when her transformation is triggered.  When this charge gives (indicated by the glow of the ring fading), the transformation will eventually goes away.  Constant use of her powers and changes between mimics will result in the rapid loss of charge.

Weather Manipulation – More powerful feats require much more of her power and energy, resulting in greater fatigue for feats such as summoning whole storms.  For this reason, her general trademark is the summoning of lightning, which she can either direct by channeling it through her body like a lightning rod or call directly down onto a target…which is much more powerful and devastating.

Elemental Mimicry – This is an ability that takes up a great deal of power.  The shifts from one mimic to another drain her considerably.  She generally is only able to shift forms a total of six times.  While in these forms, she can control her own body but she loses her ability to manipulate the weather.

Weapons & Items
Cloak – By using her cloak and ability to manipulate air currents, Rainmaker can glide.

Likes: Men, Men, MEN.  Also, snow, rain, lightning, the moon, clubs, her mother
Dislikes: Spoiled people, stuck-up people, bright light, guns, clingy people
Values: Solitude & Independence, freedom
Fears: Needles, claustrophobia
Desires/Ambitions: To be self made
Bad Habits: Shyness, isolationist
Personality: Faora is a very boy crazy young woman with a problem speaking to people.  She prefers to be left alone.  However, something happens to her when she transforms.  Unlike her sister, the transformation into Rainmaker doesn’t make her a complete different person.  Instead, it seems to more enhance her own personality, making her into a much more willful, outspoken, borderline nymphomaniac, absolutely determined to do everything on her own in her own way.  In this form, Faora seems to have some form of contempt towards her sister’s human form, though has no honest issues with Prima, actually preferring her.
Siblings: Angela (Step-Sister)
Mother: Jean
Father: Clark
Other Family: None relevant

See Prima’s History
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PostSubject: Re: Rainmaker OC   Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:13 am

Nice Job. (: Character accepted.
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Rainmaker OC
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