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Its 2145 already! About time we had our very own superheroes to watch our back! -Daily Globe Article
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PostSubject: Noveltellus   Noveltellus I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 28, 2013 7:35 pm

-----The Current Plot ------
The continent Ealya, also known as The Southern Land, is a cradle of life. Here, minds are open wide, magic flows through most living things in some way- And, alongside it, science and technology have thrived. Long ago, Dragons and humanoid races came together in a joint understanding. In honor of the first riders that ended a war ages ago, every year, sometimes more often than once a year, the eggs of the dragons are hatched, and the offspring are given a choice of fresh minds to bond to. Upon bonding to a humans or elves, the new rider pairs will learn and grow together in harmony- though, at times, a dragons personality will clash with its riders, or vise versa!

This harmony of riders and dragons went unbroken for a long time, but about One Hundred fifty Five years ago, a giant egg was laid in Nondir, and hatched a Death elemental dragon, the first titan of Death. He bonded to a human with high ambition. After some time, after leaving with nearly the entire clutch of his own birth, either by threat or through bribery, the pair and its followers had gathered as many others as would follow them, and they challenged the emperors rule over the city. In the time the titan had been gone, he grew to maturity in an astonishingly slow time- big enough to challenge- and kill - the resident Emperor and his Titan Dragon.

A great war broke out- the Death Titan spreading chaos and darkness and ultimately, death to all that opposed him- including the Emperor's Titan of Forest. With the dying breath of the Forest Titan, the lush Eden of a land burned up with the Death Titan's evil essence. Those who survived the onslaught sought to escape if they could, but few made it. The eggs on the sands in the rookery at the time of take over were quickly altered through the dark magic that whispered through the Death Dragon's heart, hatching a terrible, evil horde of dragons......
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Welcome, then, to Noveltellus!
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