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 Ista Weyr - The 5th Pass

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PostSubject: Ista Weyr - The 5th Pass   Tue Dec 31, 2013 12:49 pm

it has been 449 turns since thread last fell on pern. life has settled down, the holders are convinced that thread has gone, never to fall from the skies again. dragonriders know its not true. the red star has been seen in the skies for the past four turns, starting small, but growing larger the as the pass gets nearer.

the holders are very vocal in their disbelief of the riders and the harpers. thread is not going to return, it has been too long. the master harper of pern and the weyrleaders face a huge task, not only do they have to convince the holders that thread is indeed going to return, and soon, they also are faced with a shortage of dragons.

the weyrs have fallen into decline, only three remain, fort, benden and ista. ista weyr is the worst hit, the old gold clutched, but her rider died unexpectedly, her heart giving out, the gold went between in grief, leaving a clutch of seventeen eggs on the sands.

the junior weyrwoman, a young woman who has not even graduated from weyrlinghood yet has found herself thrust into the position of weyrwoman, the weyrleader is a man who tends to listen to the holders, afraid of them turning on the weyr he has become nothing but a snivelling sycophant of the lord holder of ista.

now illisa and her gold trinith hope they have enough time to get the weyr back to strength. the three remaining weyrs all face challenges, but for ista it seems to be worse. lack of candidates in the weyr mean searchers need to visit the holds, the holders do not want them to and the reception the searchers receive is unfriendly, sometimes even aggressive.

the age of candidates has been dropped for the moment, anyone who has stood in recent turns and not impressed is being given the chance to stand for this clutch. there is a golden egg on the sands, another female is desperately needed, but it'll be a turn or so before she can clutch, if thread falls first ista could face the worst. three fighting wings are all the dragons ista has, the other two weyrs don't look any better. but there's no early signs of thread yet, hopefully they will have time before thread once more falls on pern.

spirits are at an all time low, but there are rumours that fire lizards have been sighted on the beaches of ista, riders have been warned to keep an eye open, illisa knows people need something to cheer them, the return of flitters would hopefully do just that...

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Ista Weyr - The 5th Pass
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