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Its 2145 already! About time we had our very own superheroes to watch our back! -Daily Globe Article
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PostSubject: Prima OC   Prima OC I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 20, 2014 1:13 am

Prima (Transformation):

Real Name: Angela Crowley
Alias(es): Prima
Identity Status: Secret
Gender: F
Age: 20
Birth-Date: May 16
Place of Birth: Green City
Base Location: Capitol City
Occupational Status: N/A
Nationality/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Alignment: Neutral/Good, Superhero
Affiliation(s): N/A
Powers & Abilities
Transformation – Angela’s powers are triggered by a transformation, achieved by crossing her wrists whilst wearing her bands of power.  With this, she becomes “Prima”.

Prima’s Strength – As Prima, she possesses superhuman strength, allowing her to lift over 70 tons and jump over incredible distances (the most she has ever leapt was a mile, though there are a number of factors involved in the distance).  It also makes her somewhat faster than the typical human being, capable of running up to four times as fast as the average human top speed.

Solar Energy Manipulation – Prima can manipulate the solar energy that her bands soak in.  She can then use this to provide pseudo-sunlight for plants, thus allowing them to grow, or concentrate this into “Sun Beams” fired from her eyes or from the bands when she crosses them and aims (this method is more powerful but easier to aim).  Also, if she takes a moment to concentrate and then quickly slams the bands together, then she can emit a powerful radial burst that can cover a radius of up to a mile.

Transformation – Upon transforming, Prima’s bands don’t absorb any more sunlight until she reverts back to her normal form.  She transforms back upon either willing it or if the solar charge in the bands runs dry.  If Prima remain idle and doesn’t use her powers at all, then this generally takes roughly ten hours.  However, when she is active, her powers (barring her strength) drain the charge.  It’s been suggested that Angela doesn’t have total control over her actions as Prima, being that Prima is apparently her own entity.

Prima’s Physiology – Prima is not invulnerable.  She is difficult to injure and has a high pain tolerance but she can be hurt.  Injuries sustained in one form will not carry over to the other (save for poison or illness because these are “Pains of the Earth” which Prima represents).

Solar Energy Manipulation – While standard solar usage to feed plants and the like uses very little, Sun Beams use up power moderately.  Meanwhile, Sun Bursts nearly deplete whatever power she has left, giving her ten minutes of idle charge, at best.

Weapons & Items
Bands of Power – The Bands that allow Angela to transform cling to her wrists and presumably don’t come off.

Staff - Prima staff is really just a nigh-indestructible metal rob.  Nothing else really special about it.  Often used in combat.

Likes: Plants, reading, gentle breezes, sunny days, relaxing, city lights, soft music
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, violence, blood, heights
Values: Fairness, safety/security, freedom, life
Fears: Heights
Desires/Ambitions: Nothing more than to enjoy every moment of her life that she is able and make it so that others can do the same
Bad Habits: Can be rather fickle
Personality: While Angela is a very decent person in all regards, rarely acting selfishly and usually putting her life on the line for others, her alter ego is almost entirely different.  Prima values nature over people and isn’t very fond of mankind for its selfish, often arrogant and reckless lifestyles.  There are exceptions but she holds this as a general rule.  And yet, still, she values life quite equally, preferring to see all life treated fairly and justly, regardless of how big a fan she is of a certain form of it.  She is powerful and will remind you (violently, if need be) until you it’s burned into your memory.  She prefers not to have to get violent and would rather outsmart people but if violence is necessary, then it is necessary.  She is very blunt and to-the-point regarding nearly everything, also often misunderstanding attempts at humor (though admittedly Angela also does that rather often).

Siblings: Faora
Mother: Jean
Father: Clark
Other Family: None Relevant
While traveling, the Crowley’s boat was caught in the midst of a storm that crashed the yacht in the Wilderness.  While Angela and Faora were looking about the area for something they could use to tend to the injuries suffered by their parents, they stumble into some form of underground chamber.  They return with these strange artifacts but also appeared to have found a place where there were salvageable medical supplies.  They soon discover what the artifacts are.  They are objects of power, which transform them into these powerful women.  Angela became a being called Prima, icon of the sun.  Using the powers granted to them by these artifacts, they get their family back to civilization and upon later utilizing these powers to fight off some very corrupt people, relocate.  However, the women are seen and identified as new superheroes.  Now, regardless of whether they wanted to be a part of this world or not, they are.
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